Earth Month

A sustainable environment and wellness for professionals in our industry have become a life mission since I became a salon director-owner in 2007. With already two-plus decades as a licensed hairstylist, colourist and barber, my health was becoming threatened. I needed to make some changes to continue in the career I love to this very day. Then it all started to change after attending a Green Circle Salons seminar where I signed my business to be green certified. The journey to recycle and safely remove waste made sense and later lead to recognizing the impact it made on our salon and my personal health. The teams and client environment in the salon started to improve, and we evolved and embraced new ways. From product ingredients to water, air and space, we engaged one change at a time to make an example for others to create a less toxic and healthier workplace and a better lifestyle.

Whenever asked how you join the movement for sustainability, I reply, ‘Start with one item that you can easily change from your list and engage all to join the mission and journey”.

Sustainably Yours,

Heather Wenman


Best Business Practices:


  • Think everything we do is sustainable
  • Be aware of how you treat the earth
  • Be the change to help the environment
  • Measure and minimize waste in and out
  • Recycle or upcycle when it’s possible


  • Share the journey with everyone
  • Offer your time in the community
  • Create clean sustainable spaces
  • Learn your carbon footprint well
  • Implement another change today


  • Lead your team as you walk the walk
  • Build a greener environment for others
  • Leave the world better than it is now
  • Praise everyone for being the change
  • Create a world where the earth will thrive